Her by Moonlight

Her hair slips from its pins      

            like her body slips 

                        from her violet dress,


pale skin haunted by moonlight.

            Her cheekbones. Her eyes

                        sage green, glinting


in the moonlight. I run my fingers

            under the black lace

                        of her bra, feel her


skin awaken. She trembles like

            moonlight, her breath on 

                        my neck. Then her kiss,


supple as moonlight there. And there.

            My hips seek her hips. 

                        My lips her lips—


which of us the flame, 

            which the wick? 

                        This moonlight


we make it sultry as summer,

            soft as snowflake. 

                        I melt against her


like moonlight and like 

            moonlight she quivers

                        beneath my tongue. 


First, my dress.

I reach behind my self,

Unzip it down my spine and step


Out of it like a magician

Steps out of sight

With sleight of hand


And I am standing naked,

Milky, whole,

In nothing but my skin.


Next I draw a bath

In my white clawfoot tub,

It’s feet gripping the porcelain


Tiles of the floor

Like my lover gripping

My white sheets in ecstasy,


The bay window

Looking out on the square

Fogging as if with breath.


Then I stir in salts,

Essential oils, test

The water almost too hot


To touch and slide into the foam

Where I cannot help

But moan with the liquid heat.


Finally, I beckon to you,

Come. I am ready.

I am waiting. 

The Indigo Iris



Indelible flower so


   I pluck from Central Park and

Rinse its



   In the

Rain before

   I place its


   Iridescent, barely


   Indigo petals linked to green


   In a vase by the window where it

Rings rings rings

   In the

      Sunlight as

   I dress myself in

Red, as

   I dress myself in

      Silks, as

   I wait for your call, as I

Read a book, as

   I lick my finger to turn a page, as I

      Sing along to the music, as

   I take a

Run through memories of

   Islands with you,

   Inlets with you,

Reefs with you, the

   Invisible I am always

      Searching for

   In the



      Sensual, you, my


Resting in the window to which



an ode to Desire

my yearning, my desire, my luscious shimmering thing

be vanquished and vanquish me

be enchanted and enchant me

be mesmerized and mesmerize me

nibble me softly

and devour me whole

blaze me with your warmth

blaze me to the soul

occupy the whole

longing house of my want

mark me with your

honeysuckle scent

florescence in my cupped hand

my yearning, my desire, my luscious shimmering thing