Her by Moonlight

Her hair slips from its pins      

            like her body slips 

                        from her violet dress,


pale skin haunted by moonlight.

            Her cheekbones. Her eyes

                        sage green, glinting


in the moonlight. I run my fingers

            under the black lace

                        of her bra, feel her


skin awaken. She trembles like

            moonlight, her breath on 

                        my neck. Then her kiss,


supple as moonlight there. And there.

            My hips seek her hips. 

                        My lips her lips—


which of us the flame, 

            which the wick? 

                        This moonlight


we make it sultry as summer,

            soft as snowflake. 

                        I melt against her


like moonlight and like 

            moonlight she quivers

                        beneath my tongue.