Does the idea of hiking through a rainforest put a skip in your step? Do you dream of scuba diving with exotic sea creatures? Do you think sleeping under the stars on a Caribbean beach sounds exciting but doing it with a beautiful woman sounds even better?  

We should talk.  


Let’s see the world.

I’d love to be your travel partner. Morocco, Ecuador, Nepal and Iceland are just a few of the places I’ve journeyed to. I’ve partied in Mykonos, summited several of the seven, and dived the reefs and wrecks of Aruba. While I’m no novice to international adventure, there’s so much more of the world to see and I find traveling exceptionally pleasurable with an intriguing companion by my side.

Some of my dream destinations include New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan and France. My idea of the perfect day in Paris starts with a leisurely breakfast of strong espresso and buttery croissants at a neighborhood café, followed by an afternoon getting lost in the Louvre. We’d cap the night off with Navarin D'Agneau and a peppery red wine. Over dessert—something delectable and perfectly French, like Crêpe Suzette, you’d whisper something equally decadent in my ear about what’s left on the evening’s itinerary.

Although I dream of faraway destinations, I’m also eager to explore places closer to home. I’ve always wanted to hike Yosemite, ski in Aspen, and drive the California coast. And believe it or not, I’ve never been to Las Vegas! I’d love to discover the city of sin with you and be your lucky charm at the blackjack table. 

As a traveler, you will find me open-minded, easygoing and enthusiastic. My wanderlust runs deep and my curiosity takes many forms. While I love posh hotel suites, silk robes, and Michelin Stars, I also adore cozy cabins, oversized backpacks and cute bistros. No matter what you have in mind for your trip, I would love to hear about it. Email me with your ideas to start the conversation. 

Special considerations are available for extended arrangements and gentlemen with especially interesting travel plans.